UK tory retailer Hamley’s to open store in Mexico

Essential Retail – UK-based toy retailer Hamley’s will be opening a store in Mexico, the company’s first push into Latin America.  In addition to the Hamley’s opening, British luxury carmakers Lotus and McLaren have unveiled plans to open showrooms in Mexico City,

Model supports existence of co-government at Teotihuacan

Teotihuacan 2El Universal – One of the greatest enigmas of Teotihuacan is how it worked socially and politically. A newly developed mathematical model supports the idea that a government co-distributed and composed of individuals of the same level could have achieved social optimal self-management, and even suggests the absence of a centralized by powerful rulers or an extensive bureaucracy.

Free trade and Mexico’s junk food epidemic

Certain foods have been imposed on the country, while foods produced and nurtured by people according to their cultures and to their real needs are becoming more scarce.
Certain foods have been imposed on the country, while foods produced and nurtured by people according to their cultures and to their real needs are becoming more scarce.

Global Research

For several years now, transnational food companies have understood that their main growth markets are in the South. To increase their profits they need to “dig into the pyramid”, as one company puts it, meaning they need to develop and sell products targeted at the millions of the world’s poor.

To get at these potential consumers, food companies are infiltrating, inundating and taking over traditional food distribution channels and replacing local foods with cheap, processed junk foods, often with the direct support of governments. Free trade and investment agreements have been critical to their success.

The case of Mexico provides a stark and horrific picture of the consequences for people.

In Mexico, poverty, hunger, obesity and disease go hand in hand. Mexicans are not only struggling to afford enough to eat; the food they eat is making them ill.

Pena Nieto says he must rethink where Mexico is headed

Financial Times – Mexico is plagued by “incredulity and distrust,” President Enrique Peña Nieto has admitted, and his government must focus on improving law and order if its radical economic reform program is to work.

In his most candid admission since the disappearance and suspected murder of 43 students prompted horror at home and abroad, and a government rethink, Peña Nieto told the Financial Times that his administration must “reconsider where we are headed.”

Ex-Mexico City Mayor Ebard quits PRD

Marcelo EbardEFE – Former Mexico City Mayor Marcelo Ebrard has resigned from the leftist Party of the Democratic Revolution, or PRD. The former mayor said in a letter to PRD chairman Carlos Navarrete posted on Twitter that his successor, Miguel Angel Mancera, had blocked his efforts to run for the presidency, and the PRD had moved too close to the governing Institutional Revolutionary Party, or PRI.

Mexico City most difficult for business; Colima easiest

Nearshore Americas -The World Bank’s ranking of the easiest and most difficult cities to do business in Mexico might come as a surprise to investors. The nation’s capital, Mexico City, is the most difficult place to do business, while the relatively unheralded western city of Colima is the easiest.

Herdez completes acquisition of Nestle’s Ice Cream

CNNExpansión – Grupo Herdez completed the acquisition of Nestlé’s Ice Cream division in Mexico. The transaction includes an ice cream plant in Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco, distribution equipment and freezers as well as a long-term exclusive license to market and sell Nestlé Ice Cream brands in Mexico.