Thursday marks 100 years since the death of Porfirio Diaz

Notimex – Next Thursday marks one hundred years since the death of Porfirio Diaz. Born on September 15, 1830 in Oaxaca, Jose de la Cruz Porfirio Diaz Mori is known as the president of Mexico which established peace in the country after independence. After being overthrown by the Revolution, Diaz left the country for Paris, where he died on July 2, 1915.

Mexico’s super-rich are coming under increasing scrutiny

Daniela Rossell’s book Rich and Famous shows a rarefied world of Mexico’s luxe ladies of leisure.
Daniela Rossell’s book Rich and Famous shows a rarefied world of Mexico’s luxe ladies of leisure.

By Jude Webber / Financial Times

Mexico is home to chutzpah on a grand scale. The country’s 16 billionaires have combined wealth of $144.5 billion, according to Forbes’ The World’s Billionaires list, amounting to some 11.5 per cent of the nation’s gross domestic product.

Some of the country’s rich, such as Carlos Slim, Mexico’s wealthiest man, are humble. While the telecoms tycoon has built a museum to house his art collection, including numerous Rodin sculptures, he lives unostentatiously.

But for the rich, flaunting the trappings of their wealth is entirely natural in a bling-crazy country, as Mexican photographer Daniela Rossell captured to perfection in her book Rich and Famous. Its portraits, taken between 1994 and 2001, show a rarefied world in which luxe ladies of leisure idle in their designer clothes and kitsch mansions. One tweet about the book notes tartly: “It’s a bit old now, but I doubt much has changed.”

Indeed it hasn’t. In Mexico it appears accepted, expected even, for success to translate into lavish lifestyles.

In this middle-income, emerging economy, where 52 per cent of the population live in poverty, the lives of the rich are eased by armies of staff, beach and country homes and shopping trips abroad. “It’s like in Miami, only cheaper,” says one well-connected consultant.

Univision cuts ties with Trump, won’t air beauty pageant

Trump and beautiesLAT- Spanish-language media giant Univision is cutting business ties with Donald Trump, saying the real estate mogul made “insulting remarks” about Mexican immigrants when he announced that he was running for president.

Univision said it would not air the Miss USA pageant, as scheduled, on July 12.  The company said it was severing its relationship with the Miss Universe Organization, which is part-owned by Trump.

Long-Bond Carnage Looms for Mexico

PesoBloomberg – For bond investors in Mexican companies stung by lackluster returns, it’s likely to get worse. While dollar-denominated corporate bonds in emerging markets have returned 4 percent this year, those from Mexico have just gained 0.5 percent.

And because long-dated notes that are more sensitive to interest-rate increases make up a disproportionate amount of the nation’s corporate debt, the underperformance is likely just a prelude to losses in the second half as the U.S. Federal Reserve prepares to boost benchmark borrowing costs.

The emergence of Yasser Corona as defense option

ESPN fc -There is undoubtedly no lack of star-studded talent for Mexico in the upcoming Gold Cup tournament. Hidden behind many of the superstars is 27-year-old Yasser Corona. The Queretaro defender is the newest member of the national team and the only player on the Gold Cup roster who has yet to play in any match with El Tri.