Jailed community leader is freed in Mexico

AP – A woman who returned to Mexico from Seattle to lead a community police force was freed from prison on Friday after courts threw out charges of homicide and kidnapping. The case of Nestora Salgado has become a rallying point for activists who say the vigilante-like community groups that have sprung up across rural Mexico are cracking down on crimes ignored or fostered by corrupt government police forces.


HondaJet receives safety certificate in Mexico

Corporate Jet Investor – The HondaJet has received its type certificate from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Mexico. “Receiving aircraft validation in Mexico is an important milestone for Honda Aircraft Company, paving the way for the start of HondaJet deliveries in Mexico,” said Michimasa Fujino, Honda Aircraft Company president and chief executive.


New study underway of asteroid that killed dinosaurs

Australia Network News – Almost 66 million years ago an asteroid slammed Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico triggering events that ultimately led to the extinction of the dinosaurs. Until now the scientists have not been able to analyze the impact hole or the buried remains of the asteroid because the region is controlled by the oil industry. Now recovered rock cores will give some clue to how life came back after the catastrophe.


Latest data shows Mexico’s sugar tax is a failure

If a government’s aim is to raise large amounts of tax, then the Mexican tax has been a roaring success. But if the aim is to affect consumption and reduce obesity, it’s been a massive failure.
If a government’s aim is to raise large amounts of tax, then the Mexican tax has been a roaring success. But if the aim is to affect consumption and reduce obesity, it’s been a massive failure.


Latest sales data shows Mexico’s tax on sugar-sweetened sodas has made almost no difference to buyer behavior two years after it was introduced, says the New Zealand Food and Grocery Council.

“Pro-sugar tax campaigners continue to repeat that the sugar tax, which was applied from Jan. 1, 2014, has been a success in terms of reducing consumption of sugar-sweetened sodas,” says FGC Chief Executive Katherine Rich.

“This does not reflect the true situation in Mexico post the tax,” she said. “The latest Nielsen data, compiled for FGC, shows sales volumes have returned to pre-tax levels.

“The overall net decline in sales of 0.39 percent is not even one sip per Mexican citizen and is more likely to be attributed to other things going on in the Mexican economy during this time.”


Air pollution alert for Mexico City is lifted

AP – A four-day air pollution emergency alert in Mexico City was lifted Thursday after authorities ordered some cars off the road and atmospheric conditions improved. Rafael Pacchiano, the federal environment secretary, said new pollution-control standards would be considered after the city’s first pollution alert in 11 years.


How to spend 36 hours in Mexico City

NYT – For a capital with such a long and layered history, there is much that’s new in Mexico City. Skyscrapers grow like bamboo. A trendy restaurant, boutique hotel or high-end food store seems to open every week. Despite the often dark national mood — corruption in Mexico seems ever more brazen, and violence, much of it drug-related, persists in many areas — the city has kept its mojo.


Biocon teams with PiSA to tap U.S. insulin market

Business Standard – Bangalore-based Biocon entered into an agreement with Laboratorios PiSA of Mexico for the co-development and commercialization of generic recombinant human insulin (rh-insulin) for the US market. This collaboration is a part of Biocon’s strategy to address the large demand for generic rh-insulin in the US, which accounts for over 40 percent of the global sales of $5 billion.