Why did Pena Nieto invite Trump to Mexico?

NYT – Mexico’s president, Enrique Peña Nieto, had already had a terrible summer. July was the most murderous month in Mexico since he took office in 2012. Second-quarter results showed negative economic growth for the first time in three years. A survey found his approval rating slipping to 23 percent. And a news report even alleged that he plagiarized nearly a third of his law degree thesis. How could he make it any worse? Only by inviting Donald J. Trump, one of the most hated men in Mexico — so hated that piñatas with his visage are brisk sellers across the country — to his presidential palace.


Mexico’s slavery survivors defy stigma on road to recovery

ZunduriThomson Reuters Foundation – When her captives tied the chains around her waist a little looser than usual, Zunduri knew it was her chance to escape.

Wriggling free, she dashed out of the dry cleaning shop in Mexico City where she had been enslaved, beaten and starved for more than half a decade.

“There is no part of my body without scars,” Zunduri told Thomson Reuters Foundation in a phone interview from her home in Mexico’s capital, recalling an ordeal that shocked Mexicans as one of the worst slavery cases to come to light in the city.

“Doctors counted more than 600 scars on my body. A hot iron was put to my head. I ironed and ironed. I didn’t see the light of day. I didn’t know when the sun set or when it rose. I had to drink steam from the iron to get water.”

Since her dramatic escape last year, Zunduri has become an icon of resilience in a country where shame and stigma make many slavery survivors reluctant to go public.

Her five alleged captors are the woman who owned the dry cleaners, plus the woman’s two daughters, husband and sister. All are in prison facing charges of human trafficking, which carries a maximum sentence of 30 years.

Their trial is set to be one of Mexico’s highest-profile trafficking cases, underlining the country’s status as a source, transit and destination country for adults and children coerced into forced labour and sex work.


President Pena Nieto calls Trump’s ideas ‘a threat to the future of Mexico’

Trump and Pena Nieto aired their differences on Thursday, beginning when Trump tweeted: “Mexico will pay for the wall!”
Trump and Pena Nieto aired their differences on Thursday, beginning when Trump tweeted: “Mexico will pay for the wall!”

By Kate Linthicum / Los Angeles Times

Reversing a more diplomatic tone he set during a joint appearance with Donald Trump in the Mexican capital, President Enrique Peña Nieto called the Republican presidential candidate’s ideas a “threat to the future of Mexico.”

Peña Nieto’s hostile words came Wednesday night, hours after he met privately with Trump and shortly after the real estate mogul delivered an incendiary speech in Phoenix in which he repeatedly portrayed immigrants in the U.S. as dangerous criminals and vowed to force Mexico to pay for construction of a border wall.

Peña Nieto said Trump’s proposal to end free trade agreements and deport millions of immigrants are a danger to Mexico. “Imagine what that represents, and tell me it is not a risk to Mexico,” he said.

When the president appeared side by side with Trump after their meeting at his residence in Mexico City, Peña Nieto described the meeting as “open and constructive,” and said there had been “misunderstandings” about Trump’s comments about Mexicans in the past. They shook hands before they parted. 

But in the interview with Televisa’s Denise Maerker on Wednesday night, Peña Nieto said Trump’s ideas were dangerous, and said he had invited Trump to Mexico precisely because of the danger the candidate would pose to Mexico if elected.

“I think this risk and threat must be addressed,” he said. “You have to face it head on.”


Hilary Clinton blasts Trump’s trip to Mexico

CBS – Hillary Clinton strongly criticized Donald Trump’s visit to Mexico in a tweet Wednesday, blasting the GOP nominee for having “just failed his first foreign test.” Trump’s hastily-scheduled trip to meet with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto comes just as the latest national poll showed Clinton in a statistical tie with her Republican rival.


Africans given visas to reach U.S. border

AP – Mexican immigration authorities say 424 migrants from African countries arrived at the southern state of Chiapas over two days last week. The National Immigration Institute issued them 20-day transit visas that will allow the migrants to reach the U.S.-Mexico border, where they plan to request asylum.