Trump influence could hurt both sides of border

Washington Post – If President-elect Donald Trump’s anti-free trade convictions are carried into his presidency, he could unravel the economic and geopolitical consensus that has guided relations in North America for the past quarter-century. Economists and rattled business leaders say the return of tariffs would sledgehammer the intricate border-crossing supply chains that have pushed bilateral trade to more than $500 billion a year, potentially wiping out tens of millions of jobs in both countries.–and-they-can-show-why/2016/11/30/103bb28c-a6c8-11e6-ba46-53db57f0e351_story.html?utm_term=.5f0a2f53ee62

More than one Indiana plant wants to move to Mexico

Huff Post – In the wake of President-elect Donald Trump’s apparent success in persuading Carrier not to close a U.S. factory, workers at another factory closing nearby hope they, too, can get Trump’s attention. Rexnord announced in October that it would be closing the bearings factory and shifting the work to Mexico.