Mexico to put endangered vaquitas in refuge

Phys Org – In a bid to save the world’s smallest species of porpoise from extinction, the Mexican government announced plans to place some of them in a temporary refuge. The environment ministry said the “ambitious emergency plan” to save the vaquita marina porpoise would be carried out with help from international conservation groups. However, the plan is controversial with conservationists, some of whom say the vaquita is not an animal that can thrive in captivity.

Amazon’s “Mexico will pay” costume draws criticism

Mexico will pay costumeFox News – A Halloween costume on Amazon is causing outrage. Costume Agent’s unisex “Mexico Will Pay” jumpsuit isn’t sitting well with some Amazon customers who say the costume is racist. A petition to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos demands the costume based on President Donald Trump’s efforts to build a border wall between the United States and Mexico, be taken down immediately.

Activists hope Metro seat will curb bad behavior

NPR – Activists in Mexico are taking aim at male riders of the capital city’s packed public transit system. They are hoping that a new, provocative campaign that includes a good dose of shock and shame will change men’s behavior toward female transit customers. Activists outfitted a subway car with nude male torso on a single seat back and prominent genitalia where riders would sit.