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Mexicans have less faith in state, municipal police

Terra – For most Mexicans, the work of state and municipal police has worsened. According to a national survey, 70.7 percent of adults felt that the work of these entities is little or not effective, against 69.6 percent who felt that way 12 months earlier.,4afb7b034aeca410VgnVCM20000099cceb0aRCRD.html

New report reveals 97 journalists have been killed in past four years

TeleSur – A new study by the National Commission on Human Rights released Wednesday reveals that 97 journalists have been killed in Mexico in connection with their work since 2010.

The research also revealed 22 cases of disappearances and 433 attacks against journalists and media offices since 2005. Investigations into the crimes have been carried out in very few cases.

Crusading journalist and editor Julio Scherer dies at 88

Julio Scherer GarciaAP -One of Mexico’s most important and influential journalists of the past half century, Julio Scherer Garcia, died Wednesday at the age of 88, reported Proceso, the newsmagazine he founded.

Scherer helped expose many of Mexico’s greatest scandals for decades, probing a secret army unit to combat guerrillas, a multimillion-dollar Swiss bank account of a president’s brother and official involvement in the assassination of a journalist.