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Mass grave with 10 bodies found in Colima

UPI – Gov. José Ignacio Peralta Sánchez of Colima said at least 10 bodies were found in a mass grave near the town of Queseria on the border with Jalisco. Peralta Sánchez said that though it is unclear in which state jurisdiction the bodies were found, authorities need to establish not only in which state the bodies were recovered, but where the killings were committed.

Ex-Chihuahua governor flees to Texas

AP – Chihuahua Gov. Javier Corral said during a news conference that ex-Gov. Cesar Duarte has gone to the border city of El Paso and is considered “a fugitive from justice.” Corral said officials would seek an international arrest and extradition order. Duarte is suspected of heading a ring of corruption for personal enrichment.

Scores protest slaying of journalist in Tamaulipas

VOA – About 100 journalists and free-speech supporters demonstrated Saturday to protest the killing of a Mexican reporter gunned down in the northern state of Chihuahua on Thursday.  Miroslava Breach was the third journalist to be killed this month in one of the most dangerous countries for media workers. Those present held up signs with slogans like “Killing reporters doesn’t kill the truth.”

Another Mexican journalist killed – the 3rd this month

Journalist Miroslava BreachLAT -Mexican journalist Miroslava Breach spent her final days documenting murders. On Thursday, Breach became a victim of the growing violence in Mexico that she chronicled so thoroughly. The 54-year-old mother of three was killed as she left her home in the capital city of Chihuahua — the third journalist slain in Mexico this month.

How drug cartels get U.S. guns into Mexico

Houston Chronicle – Guns aren’t so easy to get in Mexico, but in the United States, it’s a whole different story. That’s why, federal prosecutors say, organizations like the Gulf Cartel and other drug selling operations turn to buyers in America to help them assemble arsenals they otherwise wouldn’t be able to accumulate.

Another journalist killed in Veracruz

CBS – An attacker shot a journalist to death Sunday in Veracruz, adding to the toll in a region plagued by drug gang violence and allegations of government corruption. Journalist Ricardo Monlui is at least the 11th journalist to be slain in just over six years in Veracruz state, but the first since former Gov. Javier Duarte quit last year and vanished in the face of corruption charges.

250 human skulls found in Veracruz grave

NYT – A mass grave discovered in the Mexican state of Veracruz contained more than 250 human skulls, most likely the victims of criminal drug cartels. Veracruz, on Mexico’s Gulf coast, has been the epicenter of battles among the country’s drug gangs. The remains found at the site indicated that the victims might have been killed years ago.

In Mexico, deadly turf war erupts in vacuum left by ‘El Chapo’

Joaquin Guzman Loera, also known as "El Chapo" Guzman is escorted in Ciudad Juarez by the Mexican police as he is extradited to the United States in January.  (AFP/Getty Images)
Joaquin Guzman Loera, also known as “El Chapo” Guzman is escorted in Ciudad Juarez by the Mexican police as he is extradited to the United States in January. (AFP/Getty Images)


Gangland-style murders are a daily event in Culiacán, the capital of Mexico’s Sinaloa state, where businesses close early, schools suspend classes and people must take precautions to avoid getting caught in the crossfire.

The extradition of Mexican drug kingpin Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán to the United States in January was supposed to curb the violent drug wars raging south of the border. Instead, rival factions of Guzmán’s organization have ignited a new deadly turf war for control of the drug lord’s rudderless empire.

“It is a nightmare but one we have lived many times before,” said Rosita Méndez, a mother of two young children who lives in Culiacán.

Mexican Defense Secretary Salvador Cienfuegos acknowledged at a recent news conference that Guzmán’s criminal organization “is fighting an internal struggle for control of the organization due to the absence of its leader.”

A rival faction within the cartel headed by a former lieutenant of El Chapo, former state police official Dámaso López, aka “El Licenciado” or “the Graduate,” is believed to have killed Guzmán’s sister and wounded his two adult sons in a shootout in western Mexico earlier in February.

“It appears that we are seeing a generational transition from El Chapo to his sons,” said Alejandro Hope, an independent security expert in Mexico City. “It is the greatest such power shift within the organization for many years, and all hell is breaking loose.”

Top U.S. drug official praises cooperation with Mexico

LAT – A top U.S. drug official made a strong case Thursday for continued cooperation with Mexico on fighting drug-trafficking, saying successful law enforcement already has created a virtual wall. In a subtle dig at the Trump administration, William Brownfield, the State department’s senior diplomat involved in drug policy, said that despite a crisis drug epidemic, the United States and Mexico were in a better position than ever to combat it.

Still no justice for Mexico’s missing students

NYT – The “disappearance” of 43 students shocked Mexico and much of the world. Earlier, the Peña Nieto administration took steps to mitigate criticism at home and from abroad over its inept handling of the case by allowing that international team, the Interdisciplinary Group of Independent Experts, to investigate. Now it seems that the government doesn’t care about international criticism of its new hard line, or maybe it anticipates that there isn’t going to be much.

Cartels are causing Mexicans to flee towns

DisplacedInsight Crime -Mexico’s violence-induced forced displacement crisis is only beginning. Almost a third of the country’s municipalities have fewer inhabitants than they did before homicides became widespread across the country.

During the course of the last decade, population rates began to decrease in 691 Mexican municipalities, 28 percent of the country’s total.

Although the municipalities affected are scattered all across the country, most of them are found in three major regions located in the areas most affected by the conflict between different criminal organizations: first, the northwest and west controlled by the Sinaloa Cartel; secondly, the northeast, controlled by the Zetas; and third, the southeast, in the states dominated by the Familia Michoacana and the Knights Templar.