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These are Mexico’s 7 new emerging cartels

Business Insider – Mexico’s Attorney General’s Office (PGR) has identified seven new criminal organizations that it has identified as cartels for their range of criminal exploits. The new organizations are smaller, less entrenched, and are less powerful than the older generation of Mexican cartels which were massive sprawling criminal enterprises.

Mexico’s new breed of drug cartel killers

New Generation cartelMacleans – When President Peña Nieto entered office in 2012, his administration compiled a list of 122 priority targets among the country’s crime lords. Only 30 remain at large now. According to both Mexican and U.S. authorities, most major crime groups in Mexico have now either collapsed or fractured. But with their demise, scores of smaller gangs have filled the vacuum, employing younger and far more violent gangsters than Chapo and his peers.

Mexico sends clothing for testing year after 43 disappeared

AP – Mexican authorities have passed clothing that belonged to some of the 43 students missing from rural teachers’ college to a lab in Austria for genetic testing. The attorney general’s office sent some 53 items to the University of Innsbruck almost a year after the students’ disappearance.

Pena Nieto continued playing dominoes on “Chapo” escape

Business Insider – Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto was en route to a state visit in France when he learned that Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzmán had escaped from a high-security prison for the second time. Guzmán’s brazen escape from Mexico’s Altiplano prison, however, reportedly held his attention only momentarily. He returned to his game dominoes.

Ex-cop arrested in killing of photojournalist, 4 others

IBTimes – A former police officer has been arrested in Mexico for torturing and killing  photojournalist Reuben Espinosa and four others. The suspect, Abraham Torres Tranquilino, was a police officer in Mexico City but had been arrested in 2011 and awarded a one year prison term in a separate torture case.