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New Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera expo opens in Mexico City

Frida Kahlo paintingEuro News – A new exhibition of photos and letters never before seen, belonging artists Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera are going on show in Mexico City. Their on-off stormy marriage was among the most prominent of the 20th century art world.The expo promises to reveal a more intimate side of their relationship.

Mexican artists can pay taxes with their art

Art paintingSeeker – Artists in Mexico can participate in a unique program called Pago en Especie (Payment in Kind) where they are permitted to pay federal income tax with their own artwork. The program began in 1957 and has grown to include over 7,000 paintings, sculptures and graphic art in a public collection from well-known artists across Mexico.

Thousands flock to Teotihuacan to celebrate equinox

Euro News – Visitors flocked to Mexico’s Pyramid of the Sun on Sunday in the sacred city of Teotihuacan, to perform the traditional raising of their hands during spring equinox celebrations. The idea is to receive the first rays of the sun and to gather energy for the year. Believers also say its an opportunity to connect with a forgotten past.

Supreme Court legalizes gay marriage in Jalisco

AP – Mexico’s Supreme Court has struck down language in a Jalisco state law that defines marriage as between a man and woman. The decision means Jalisco becomes the fourth jurisdiction nationwide where gay couples can automatically get married, joining Coahuila and Quintana Roo states along with Mexico City.

UN says 6,000 children and teens are disappeared in Mexico

Mexicans protest to demand justice for disappeared loved ones. (EFE)
Mexicans protest to demand justice for disappeared loved ones. (EFE)


More than 6,000 children and teens are currently disappeared in Mexico, U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights representative in Mexico, Jesus Peña, said Wednesday.

Peña added that of the total of thousands of people forcibly disappeared in Mexico between 2006 and 2014, some 30 percent have been children and adolescents.

Over 10,000 people have disappeared since President Enrique Peña Nieto took office in 2012. Since 2007, the number of people disappeared has increased about 585 percent.

Human rights experts have called on the Mexican Senate to give priority in upcoming discussions on disappearances to investigating forced disappearances of minors with respect to Mexico’s Law on the Rights of Children, Girls, and Adolescents.

Artists’ protest keeps issue of Iguala students alive

CNN – They’ve been missing for over a year, but the victims of the Iguala student disappearance have re-emerged thanks to the efforts of a poignant and powerful project by Mexican artists. Known as the 43 Artist Group, they’re keeping the flame of hope burning by painting portraits of the missing students — a defiant move in the current political climate.