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Chile contender shakes up Mexico retail market

Mexico’s retail market is getting a jolt as Chile-based retail giant SACI Falabella reaches northward to grab a piece of an expanding consumer market. South America’s largest department store chain, which sells everything from power tools to women’s clothes and treadmills, is making headway in Mexico as consumption drives a better-than-expected expansion in the country.

TransCanada, Sempra win bid for underwater pipeline

EcoWatch – TransCanada, owner of the proposed Keystone XL pipeline currently being contested in federal court and in front of a North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) legal panel, has won a $2.1 billion joint venture bid with Sempra Energy for a pipeline to shuttle gas obtained from fracking in Texas’ Eagle Ford Shale basin across the Gulf of Mexico and into Mexico.

Mexico gets first non-Pemex gas stations in 80 years

AP –  Mexico’s ubiquitous Pemex gas stations now have competition for the first time in nearly eight decades. Two companies have collectively opened three gas stations under their own brands, breaking one of the state-owned petroleum company’s last monopolies.

British firm aims to open detention center near border

The Guardian – The British security firm Serco successfully lobbied public officials in a small Texas county near the Mexico border to propose that the federal government open a family detention centre in the jurisdiction. The billion-dollar company, implicated in numerous immigration detention centre scandals in the UK and Australia.