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SCT postpones bidding rules for high-speed rail

High-speed rail trainEl Economista – The Secretariat of Communications and Transportation (SCT) postponed the publication of the new call for tender for the development of high speed train (TGV) Mexico-Queretaro (scheduled for today), to have more time to analyze comments that have been received from companies interested in the pre bases and “strengthen” the process.

Fast-train bidding will be success if several firms compete

Milenio – The tender for the high-speed Mexico-Queretaro train will be a success if wo to three companies enter the bidding said Secretary of Communications and Transport, Gerardo Ruiz Esparza. He said few companies have the technology to build high-speed trains.

Measures implemented to accelerate home construction

Home constructionSentido Comun – President Enrique Peña Nieto announced several measures to accelerate the construction and sale of homes in the country, including tax incentives for development companies and subsidies for mortgage loans.

The government wants to trigger investments of nearly 370 billion pesos ($25 billion) this year to build at least half a million homes, that could benefit 2.5 million or more Mexicans.

Chinese-led consortium favorite to clinch high-speed rail project

South China Morning Post – Mexico has begun accepting new bids on a multibillion-dollar high-speed rail project, two months after the construction deal with a Chinese-led consortium was abruptly cancelled amid allegations of favoritism.

But the China Railway Construction Corp (CRCC) looks poised to clinch the contract again, even after its original winning bid was revoked, say sources with knowledge of the bidding.

Mexico to relaunch bidding for high-speed rail

Washington Post – Mexico will publish preliminary terms on Jan. 14 for a $3.75 billion high-speed train contract that was abruptly canceled in November. The single-bid deal was revoked shortly before disclosures that the Mexican president’s wife was acquiring a luxury home from a Mexican company that was part of the winning consortium.

Grupo Higa and partners won’t bid on bullet train

El Siglo de Torreon – Group Higa has informed the government that it will not participate in the tender to build a bullet train between Mexico City and Queretaro, Its two other Mexican partners in the bid that was canceled when questions were raised about inappropriate gifts also will not participate.