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Homebuilder Javer testing investor appetite

Bloomberg – The first Mexican homebuilder to offer new shares since 2004 is testing investor appetite for an industry that imploded in $2.6 billion of defaults just two years ago. Servicios Corporativos Javer plans to raise as much as 3.5 billion pesos ($227 million) in an initial public offering after dodging the meltdown with a strategy of building housing developments in urban areas instead of far-flung suburbs.

Sent timeshare money to Mexico? Wave adios

Consumer Affairs – Buying a timeshare is no problem at all. But as consumers sometimes learn to their dismay, the timeshare payments add up and they’re not often able to use the facility as frequently as they had hoped.

Bingo, along comes a friendly voice on the phone, offering to sell the unit for a small fee. The hitch? Unfortunately, what happens next is that the consumer wires the money and the friendly voice disappears.