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Insider guide to the best of Mexico City

CNN – A city of 20 million, Mexico City is North America’s “maximum city” — one of the most dynamic, fascinating and, yes, enjoyable places on the planet. In the best of Mexico City you’ll find what everyone loves about great urban centers: centuries of history, impressive museums, five-star restaurants, sexy boutique hotels, artsy neighborhoods and lots of great conversation with intelligent locals.

Five of Mexico’s best hotels

Capella Ixtapa ResortFox News – Mexico might be famous for its taco stands and tequila, but it’s the stylish and secluded hotels that keep luring us back. From private ocean-view villas on the Riviera Maya to minimalist eco-lofts in Ensenada’s burgeoning wine country, our favorite resorts combine classic Mexican hospitality with elegant amenities and forward-thinking design.

Tourist boom in Tulum raises concerns

CCTV – The beautiful beach paradise of Tulum, has been drawing travelers, particularly from the New York area, in droves. Located on Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula, this once, sleepy, beach village has gone from hammock heaven to a must-visit magnet of chic bungalow hotels and restaurants, in a decade. But development has begun to put this tony town in peril.

Violence is not keeping away U.S. tourists

Girls on beachFox News Latino – Despite warning from the State Department of threats of kidnappings and violence, drug cartel bosses on the loose and regions with some of the worst rates of violent crime in the Hemisphere, U.S. travelers are still flocking to Mexico in droves.

According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, the U.S.’s southern neighbor was the top international destination for American travels last year, with Mexico seeing a record 25.9 million visitors from the U.S. in 2014 – a 24 percent rise from the previous year.