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Mexico’s Moreira faces 6 years in Spanish jail

Latin Correspondent – A Spanish court has ruled that former Mexican politician Humberto Moreira should be held in custody while officers investigate alleged corruption charges. Former Institutional Revolutionary Party chief Moreira is under suspicion of “embezzling public funds, money laundering, bribery and belonging to a criminal organization.”

Criminal gangs “contaminating” Mexico democracy

Independent – Criminal gangs are “contaminating democracy” in Mexico by funding political campaigns and even buying public debt to launder their dirty money, according to Edgardo Buscaglia, one of the world’s leading experts on international organised crime.

PRI vows to stop using neuromarketing tool

NYT – The leader of Mexico’s governing party has said it will stop hiring neuroscience consultants to register voters’ brain waves and read their facial expressions, responding to a political outcry over its use of the tools of neuromarketing to shape its campaign and governing messages.