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How to spend 36 hours in Mexico City

NYT – For a capital with such a long and layered history, there is much that’s new in Mexico City. Skyscrapers grow like bamboo. A trendy restaurant, boutique hotel or high-end food store seems to open every week. Despite the often dark national mood — corruption in Mexico seems ever more brazen, and violence, much of it drug-related, persists in many areas — the city has kept its mojo.

Fodor’s picks Mexico City as top tourist spot

Azteca – Fodor’s Travel determined that Mexico City is experiencing a “great moment” as a destination for spring 2016. On its website, Fodor’s Travel pointed to Mexico City as one of 10 sites worldwide that every visitor should know this spring thanks to its architecture, culture, gastronomy and traditions.

Mexico City bars put new spin on cocktails

Globe and Mail – Tequila shots haven’t disappeared in Mexico City, but there’s an array of other shots and cocktails trending alongside the classic Mexican liquor these days. Several of the city’s chic neighbourhoods are feeding the demand for new cocktails. Here’s what we recommend you try first, and where to sip it.

Sayulita is becoming tourist, retirement destination

National Post – Just beyond a laidback beach is a peninsula that hosts a new and posh 62-property development, highlighting that Sayulita, once a tranquil fishing village, continues to grow into one of Mexico’s top tourism and retirement destinations.

Explore the “magic towns” of Mexico

Magic twn SayulitaSmithsonian – Most tourists are drawn to Mexico’s big-name destinations, like the pre-Hispanic ruins of Chichén Itzá or the crowded plazas of Mexico City. But the country is dotted with lesser-known ruins and other cultural sites, too—places that go far beyond the obvious tourist must-sees. In an effort to highlight those other locales, Mexican tourist officials have been quietly funneling their focus—and money—toward the selection of Pueblos Magicos, or “magic towns,” all over the country.

High marks for three Mexico destinations

Travel Weekly – As Mexico tourism heads confidently into 2016, bolstered by some strong numbers in the second half of 2015, three of its cities were singled out as vacation spots of note for the coming year. Tulum was named the world’s No. 1 destination on the rise for 2016 by TripAdvisor, Mexico City topped the New York Times’ list of 52 places to visit in the new year, and Guadalajara was No. 2 in Travel + Leisure’s list of the Best Places to Travel in 2016.

Insider guide to the best of Mexico City

CNN – A city of 20 million, Mexico City is North America’s “maximum city” — one of the most dynamic, fascinating and, yes, enjoyable places on the planet. In the best of Mexico City you’ll find what everyone loves about great urban centers: centuries of history, impressive museums, five-star restaurants, sexy boutique hotels, artsy neighborhoods and lots of great conversation with intelligent locals.

Five of Mexico’s best hotels

Capella Ixtapa ResortFox News – Mexico might be famous for its taco stands and tequila, but it’s the stylish and secluded hotels that keep luring us back. From private ocean-view villas on the Riviera Maya to minimalist eco-lofts in Ensenada’s burgeoning wine country, our favorite resorts combine classic Mexican hospitality with elegant amenities and forward-thinking design.