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Mexico City might abolish parking minimums

Street Blog – Mexico City Mayor Miguel Mancera is pursuing a sweeping overhaul of the city’s parking policy that’s expected to do away with minimum parking requirements and generate revenue for transit and affordable housing. If enacted, the reforms could set an important precedent for cities in North and South America.

MIT looks at Mexico City transit development

MIT Times – More than 20 million people live in metropolitan Mexico City, and most spend upwards of three hours a day riding to and from work, stuck in traffic jams. The region has one of the world’s largest urban rail (metro) systems in the world, but most passenger traffic is concentrated on a few lines that serve the city center. Stations farther out are difficult to reach on foot and offer few amenities for commuters or residents.

Russia safety directive grounds some Interjet flights

AP – Interjet says it’s had to cancel some flights due to a mandatory safety inspection of its Russian-made Superjet 100 aircraft. Russian authorities issued the directive on Dec. 23 after cracks were found in a part on one of the Sukhoi planes. Interjet is among the largest customers for the relatively new Superjet, with more than 20 in its fleet.

What is the future of transportation in Mexico City?

Architect’s Newspaper  – Mexico City is the largest city in North America and has been around since the 14th century when the Aztecs settled the area. Many layers of history, culture, and development—both private and public—can be seen in its rich architecture and urbanism. However, along with the complex history comes a complex city. The organizers of CoRe Foro Urbano CDMX 2016 cited this complexity and a perceived lack of leadership among the different stakeholders as the impetus for getting together and addressing the multi-faceted challenges of the city.

Mexico-U.S. air deal could boost competition

Reuters – An air transport deal between Mexico and the United States that aims to boost competition in the passenger and freight sectors came into force on Sunday. The deal would open new passenger routes for airlines to fly between the countries and allow for an unlimited number of flights. It also opens up the air freight market to more competition.

Top trucking companies lead safety movement

Truck News – In Mexico, a new breed of trucking company is emerging. These fleets are highly sophisticated, safety-conscious, environmentally aware and driver-oriented. But they’re also in the minority, making it difficult to compete in what is still a largely unregulated industry – where hours-of-service regulations go widely ignored and unenforced.

Mexico City hopes aerial system will beat traffic

Mexico City trafficQuartz – Mexico City officials have an elevated idea about how to deal with the city’s hellish traffic: Hover over it. The city’s science, technology and innovation department unveiled a prototype of an aerial transportation system that would float over the sea of cars, potholes and street protests that regularly disrupt life in the enormous metropolis.

Cholula-Puebla tourist train gets government approval

EFE – Officials have signed the agreement granting the right to create a Cholula-Puebla tourist train. The agreement gives the railway the right to provide service for 30 years, using 80-passenger diesel-electric engines that will pull the train at an average speed of 35 kph (about 22 mph).