Mexico’s drug war goes much deeper than drugs

Why the legalization of marijuana won't change the forces underlying the country's bloody conflict.
Why the legalization of marijuana won’t change the forces underlying the country’s bloody conflict.

By Steven Cohen The New Republic

Perhaps one day, many years down the road, people will look back at Mexico’s Supreme Court decision on marijuana this week as a pivotal step toward a more humane, sensible drug policy in the country.

But for now, that possibility seems remote. Wednesday’s ruling is limited to precisely four individuals—the activist plaintiffs who brought the case—granting them the right to legally grow, possess, and transport weed for non-commercial purposes.

And even if it does lead to outright legalization of marijuana across the country, as reformers hope, the forces underlying Mexico’s disastrous drug war—corruption, poverty, and institutional neglect—will be just as strong as ever.

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