Pope says he didn’t meet with families of 43 because of disputes

In a missive to Pope Francis, the Ayotzinapa parents decried "corruption in the security forces" and "the obstruction of justice" by authorities.
In a missive to Pope Francis, the Ayotzinapa parents decried “corruption in the security forces” and “the obstruction of justice” by authorities.

Fox News Latino

Pope Francis said that he did not meet with relatives of 43 trainee teachers kidnapped 18 months ago in southern Mexico because he had received multiple requests from different groups, “including ones at odds with one another.”

The Argentine pontiff made the remarks to international media, while flying back to Rome from the northern border city of Ciudad Juárez, the last stop of his five-day visit to Mexico.

“There were a lot of groups, including ones at odds with one another and with some internal struggles,” Francis said, adding that, “I told them I would see all of them at one of the Masses.”

He also said that during his visit to Mexico he made “constant reference to the killings, the lives claimed by gangs of drug traffickers and people traffickers, to the violence as one of the wounds Mexico has suffered.”

The parents of the 43 abducted trainee teachers, however, denied that they had any problems with other associations of families of missing persons.

“We categorically deny that there is any conflict with the others. On the contrary, they have shown a lot of solidarity with us,” the attorney representing the families, Vidulfo Rosales, said.


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